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Introducing Markzettia!


Let me start by saying, I have never had "create a tangle" on my list of to-do's. In fact, I personally feel with the multitude of tangles at our ready, we are set for the rest of our artistic expressions! But this is truly a lesson in finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. I had no intention of releasing Markzettia into the tangle world, and was to be privately used at a Christmas Retreat I just hosted. The warmth and love that Markzettia was embraced with, was touching. The art created by using it was even more inspiring. Even more, the public noticed this "new tangle" and began asking questions. With much encouragement, I am officially introducing Markzettia to the tangle world.

Where did that unlikely inspiration come from? Well...we've just had a change of toilet paper in our house, much to my dismay. My husband says Members Mark Toilet Paper is equally as soft and thick as Charmin. My verdict is still out. BUT...a tangle was born because of this change! A variation of the quilted pattern on the Members Mark Toilet Paper is the inspiration for this organic Christmas tangle - Mark (Members Mark) Zettia (Poinsettia).

Member's Mark Toilet Paper 

So without further ado, I introduce you to my first (and possibly only) tangle: Markzettia

Markzettia stepouts w picture.jpg
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