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Life, the art of living without an eraser. Zentangle®, the art that represents life.

Zentangle® appears to be a very detailed, intricate art method, however anyone that can hold a pen and write the alphabet can create this beautiful art one stroke at a time! There are no mistakes, there are no erasers, there isn't any judgement. This is an art all about YOU. Can't draw a straight line? Yes, you can tangle. Don't have a creative bone in your body? Yes, you too can tangle! The art is the outcome, but there is so much more potential to be found in the journey. This art allows us a self expression that only we know, expressed from the inside out. There are no journals to read, yet each tile tells a different story we've 'written'. Need help relaxing? Focusing? Finding creativity? Have trouble with finding words? Anger issues? Depression? Anxiety? Insomnia? The list goes on, and Zentangle® has so much to offer so many. Give it a try and see how this art method can help you find your artistic voice. You might be surprised at what you experience! Come in with no expectations and allow Zentangle® to work its magic freely. At the very least, you'll be shown an art form that allows anyone the ability to create beautiful art! 

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