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Sheila Grube, CZT17 and 33

our mission is to provide a relaxing, encouraging, positive community for people to come together, both in person and on-line, to express themselves through creativity, free of judgement, offering zen and inner peace.

Sheila Grube is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT17 and 33) living in Pennsylvania. After following the path of 'shoulds' for far too long, Zentangle® found her and changed her life forever. In 2014 she became certified to teach Zentangle® and went back to seminar for recertification in April, 2019. Today, she has her own studio creating 'community', through the teaching of Zentangle®, sharing encouragement, positivity and Zen in a relaxing, accepting environment. One student or one hundred, it doesn't matter, she has a strong desire to share this art form with anyone that is willing to share in her journey and is open to experience Zentangle® for themselves. This art method has changed her life with the first stroke of the pen. If it speaks to just one person in any way, she will continue to live her dream and spread the word. Her passion for this art method shines through, showing gratitude for the journey she is on. Ultimately she will show you that anyone can do Zentangle, and you are creative!

Contact Me

456 Pine Creek Drive
Orwigsburg, PA 17961


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