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Sketchbook Saturday

Introducing Summer Tangle Club! 

What is Summer Tangle Club? Glad you asked! Summer Tangle Club is an open door to the studio for the summer! Tangle Club will be all about exploring color! We teach what we most have to learn, therefore, I'll be stepping outside my tangle comfort zone and offer classes to just club members offering color exploration and expression! Together we will explore how different mediums, along with tangling come together to create beautiful, colorful masterpieces right before your eyes. I know for myself and my experience at TangleU this year, I truly can't believe I was able to create the COLORED images I created (example above) and my shock and elation were evident through the whole process. I want to share that same amazement with you! I want to see your smile and your eyes sparkle over your ability to "do it"!
Want to share in this journey with me? It's only available to the local Tangle Club! These classes will not be recorded and are only LIVE in the studio. Come to as many classes as you want for one low price! There will be 7 classes offered during the summer in the studio, and they will all be part of the club offerings! You can choose to take advantage of a HUGE discount by purchasing all 7 classes and even if you don't make them all, you still come out ahead, or you can choose to purchase the classes individually based on your schedule. However, class examples will not be advertised. You will have to trust your fearless Zentangle teacher to offer you something amazing and informative! I'm sure you know you won't be disappointed! And believe me...YOU CAN DO IT! I amazed myself...and now I want to share with you and watch YOU amaze YOURSELF! 

Dates of Classes / all 6-8:30pm
June 14
June 28
July 14
July 19
July 28
August 4
August 9

What will you get with Summer Tangle Club?


  • All supplies needed to explore

  • New knowledge and techniques to explore color with all your tangled expressions

  • 17.5 Hours of structured class time

  • A beautiful masterpiece to take home and be amazed every time you look at it

  • ​A community of tanglers that share in your journey and excitement as you "do it"!

  What will Summer Tangle Club cost for 7 classes and 17.5 Hours of education?

7 classes for less than the price of 4! That's $110 for all 7 classes and even if you only come to 4 you are still ahead!

Individual classes are $30 each. If you purchase individually, just let me know the dates you are purchasing at time of check out.

Join us! I can't wait to share color and all the excitement it brings with it, during this Summer Tangle Club! Space in the studio is limited, so don't wait to reserve your spot!


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