The teaching and practice of 'Tangled Art and Zen'...Zentangle®

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         Sheila Grube, CZT

After taking a personal coaching workshop in 2011, I created this mission statement:

"My mission is to Relax, Create, and Inspire Inner Peace and Simplicity for myself and others."

Today, I am living my mission daily through the art and teaching of Zentangle®. The language of Zentangle® has helped so many people, in so many ways, myself included. I have a personal passion for Zentangle®and a strong desire to share this art form with anyone that is willing to share in my journey and is open to experience Zentangle® for themselves. It speaks to so many differently, but definitely in a positive light. In living my mission 'for myself and others' on a daily basis, I would love to share my journey with you. Take a Zentangle® class today and see what surprises it has in store for you!